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Victorian Tea Set Belleek Type Rare Tea Leaf

  • ITEM - Child's Teapot, Creamer, Sugar and Waste Bowl
  • DATE - c1850
  • PATTERN - Patterning in the porcelain giving it the look of Belleek but not the fineness -
    it has a gold patterning which put me in mind of the tea leaf variations - but I am not sure - the
    identical shaped set can be seen in Doris Lechler's book English Toy China but the pattern in the book is in green and different - the body and shapes of the set are the same - her classification of the set is scarce and also an exciting find !!
  • MAKER / ORIGIN - English - maker unknown
  • SIZES - Teapot is 4 ¾ inches to the handle on the cover and 6 ¼ inches from spout to handle inclusive, Covered Sugar is 4 ½ inches to the handle on the cover and 5 inches across handle to handle, the Creamer is 3 ¼ inches high and 3 ¼ inches lip to handle inclusive, the Waste Bowl is 2 ¼ inches high and 4 inches across
  • Great addition to any collection of children's wares
    Condition of Item
  • Teapot has a few nibbles on the inner rim - all hidden by the cover and very minor, slight
    discolouration on the handle
  • Covered Sugar has one minute glaze chip on the underside of one of the handles - so small it cannot be photographed
  • The Creamer has one pin head size nick in the rim near the handle, a firing flaw in the form of a line half way across the base of the handle - solid no movement and it has been there since it was made, on the inside of the creamer is an area that seems not to have been glazed - I have checked and cannot find any damage or repair
  • The Waste Bowl rings like a bell and appears to be perfect
  • Taking into account that little hands have handled these pieces over the years they have kept remarkably well
  • I have many photographs of these pieces so please feel free to email me to forward them on to you

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    Childrens Items Including Gaudy, Flow Blue & Glass

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