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Children’s Dishes - Sprigged Decoration Teaset -

  • ITEM - Childs Victorian Part Teaset consisting of :-
  • Teapot, Open Sugar Bowl , Creamer, 2 Cups, 2 Saucers, 2 Plates
  • DATE - c1850
  • PATTERN - Blue Sprigged or Chelsea Type patterning on Bone China - Bud finial to cover and double handle ( 2 strands of pottery twisted)
  • MAKER / ORIGIN - Unknown - English
  • SIZES - :-
  • Teapot 4 ¾ inches high to the finial on the cover
  • Open Sugar Bowl - Or could be a Waste Bowl 2 ¾ inches high and 4 ½ inches across
  • Creamer 3 ¾ inches high and 3 inches across from lip to handle inclusive
  • Cups 2 inches high and nearly 3 inches across including the handle
  • Saucers 4 ½ inches across
  • Plates 6 inches across
  • A sweet little set to add to your collection
    Condition of Item
  • Little hands have played with these lovely little items over the years and not been too careful
  • The creamer has been through the wars - there is a chip on the rim and 2 hairlines going from the rim and a small hairline across the handle - although damaged it is still nice to have with the set
  • One cup has the tiniest of nicks on the rim ( less than pin head size ) and a small nick on the foot rim mainly to the underside truly very minor
  • The other cup has a couple of craze lines in the glaze but not hairlines - they do not go through
  • The damage is relatively minor and as is often the way sounds worse when written down than it actually is

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    Childrens Items Including Gaudy, Flow Blue & Glass

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