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Victorian Child's Wash Jug & Bowl

  • Item Child's Wash Set
    This lovely little set was for a child to use
    Lovely basket weave effect on the lower body of both items, bamboo effects on the handle
    Very simple design but very appealing
  • Sizes :-
    The water jug is about 6 3.4 inches high and 4 ½ inches across including the handle
    The bowl is about 3 ½ inches high and 10 inches across
  • Maker There is an impressed registration diamond on both items
    Maker is Minton
  • Date c1870
  • Condition Both items have crazing and on the bowl there are two fine hairlines running in the crazing 1 to 1 ½ inches in length from the rim down, there is also a hairline about ½ inch on the base rim
    No damage to detract from the item
    No other flaws or repairs

    Price :$265 - Price includes shipping worldwide

    Ref :#10-76

    Childrens Items Including Gaudy, Flow Blue & Glass