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Early Flow Blue Chamber Pot -The Temple

  • ITEM - Chamber Pot
  • DATE - c1850
  • PATTERN - The Temple
  • MAKER / ORIGIN - Podmore Walker
  • SIZES - 6 inches high and 10 inches across including the handle
  • Flow Blue at it's best - these early chamber pots are not found very often - and with
    such a deep flow blue it would make a statement anywhere in your home or collection
    Condition of Item
  • Very nice condition but does have museum restoration in 2 areas - one on the tip
    of the handle which is about ½ inch across and one on the base rim which is about ¾
    of an inch across
  • These 2 areas have been filled and smooth but not painted or patterned - you could have a restorer do this if wished, but the piece does display beautifully as it is
  • There is a little wear to the glaze on the outer top rim

    Price :$275 - Price includes shipping worldwide

    Ref :#7-1040

    Antique Flow Blue Pottery

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