Blue and Polychrome Clock – “Flow Blue”


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  • Item:-  Blue and Polychrome Clock Case – Flow Blue & Polychrome
  • Maker:-  Victorian – Austria
  • Pattern:- Floral – un-named
  • Date:-      1890/1900
  • Weight :-   726g
  • Size:- 8 ¾ inches high about 2 inches deep at the base and 1 ½ inch deep where the clock fits,5 ¾ inches in width across the base
  • Condition:- Clock case – there appears to have been a chip on the base (looking at the clock) on the left-hand side, this has been painted over – I don’t think it came from the factory this way so at some time in its life someone has coated the chip ( my opinion) but not immediately noticeable apart from that, the case is fine – the clock – this needs a proper washer on the back as there is a gap between the clock and the case and someone has made a cardboard washer to hold it in place – the clock itself does not work and will need attention although many people have these converted to battery operated ones –
  • Comments:- These clock cases are rarely accepted for auction by the FBICC mainly because it is not known for certain if these flow or the cobalt bleeds plus items made by Victoria  Austria have not been accepted as flow blue in the past.
  • Saying all that they are pretty and do fit nicely with flow blue displays, this one has been sitting happily with my items for quite a time. Now it is time to move on.
  • I have taken the condition into consideration when pricing
  • A great piece for display
  • Please check the photographs and ask any questions.

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