Blue & White c1884 Chamberstick

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  • Blue & White Chamber Stick
  • Maker :- Wardle
  • Pattern :- Pratts Italian
  • Date :-     c1884
  • Weight :- 286g
  • Sizes :- 6 ½ inches in length and 2 ¾ inches high
  • Condition :-  It does have issues – there is a tiny chip and a hairline across the top of the handle, there are 3 hairlines in sconce this is from letting the candle burn right down – it has age and of course has had use – all features are stable – it did have white paint on the handle but I have now managed to clean this off along with years of candlewax
  • For all its faults it is still a nice piece
  • Wardle & Co. Ltd.
  • Washington Works,
  • Hanley, Staffordshire Potteries
  • 1871-1935
  • Formerly James Wardle
  • Please check the photographs and ask any questions.

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